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At Paragon Terraces and Duplexes, we’ve meticulously crafted a community that epitomises excellence in every aspect. From the thoughtful layout of homes to the meticulous landscaping and the creation of world-class amenities, this is where your dream of a perfect home becomes a tangible reality.

Your Haven of Safety and Community:
Paragon Terraces and Duplexes isn’t just a residential development; it’s your haven of security and a gateway to enduring connections with neighbours who share your vision. Here, life reaches its zenith, offering you the very best that it has to give.

A Place to Truly Call Home:
Owning a residence in Paragon Terraces and Duplexes isn’t merely acquiring a property; it’s investing in a lifestyle. This is where the foundations of a lifelong dream are laid, where family stories are written, and where cherished memories are made.

Government Allocation / Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)

A Range of Choices to Suit Your Vision:
Explore our diverse options to find your perfect match:

2 Bedroom Terrace + BQ – Starting at 60 million naira.
3 Bedroom Terrace + BQ – Starting at 71 million naira.
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex + BQ – Starting at 81 million naira.
4 Bedroom Semi-Detached + BQ – Starting at 93.5 million naira.
4 Bedroom Fully-Detached + BQ – Starting at 115 million naira.

Plot Sizes:
300 sqm & 500 sqm

Flexible Payment Options:
Outright Payment (0-3 months) – Seize the opportunity with ease.
500 sqm – 60 million naira
300 sqm – 36 million naira

Your Journey Begins Here:
Discover the epitome of luxury living at Paragon Terraces and Duplexes. Contact us to learn more about this exclusive community, and take the first step toward owning not just a home, but a lifestyle where every detail defines excellence. Your dream home awaits.


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